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Nutrition and Hydration

By Clarence Fields 12/12/2022, 9:45am CST

Basketball is a high-intensity sport requiring a high level of skill, power, speed, agility, and endurance. Due to the high-intensity nature of the sport and the substantial energy demands of the game coaches should encourage and help athletes fuel and hydrate appropriately to support their performance. 

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6 Tips For Staying Strong At Midseason

By Clarence Fields 12/08/2022, 12:30pm CST

Playing well and competing during the basketball season is why you put in so much time over the spring, summer, and fall, working on your game, lifting weights, and running sprints.

Regardless of how things go for you and your team, it would be best to remember that it is a long season. If you get off to a rough start, don't throw in the towel, there is plenty of time to turn things around. And if you start hot, don't get cocky or complacent; staying on top is one of the hardest things to do in sports.