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Basketball Training

in season basketball lab

The FSA In Season Basketball Lab is created for athletes who want continued opportunities to develop their skills during the season without impacting HS schedules. The program is limited to the first 8 dedicated athletes to sign up. 

Session Focus:

  • Functional Fitness plan with video tutorials
  • Leadership Development
  • Defensive Mechanics
  • Ball Handling 
  • Triple Threat Footwork
  • Shooting Mechanics
  • Offensive Moves

Who: Junior and Pro FSA level athletes

When: Sundays, December 4th - March 5th, 2023 (13 sessions)

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Where: 12325 Highway 55 Plymouth MN 

Cost - $500

Private and small group training

FSA basketball training services cover the essential elements for developing confident basketball players. Our curriculum addresses conditioning, functional movement and footwork to develop defensive and offensive skills sets.  FSA utilizes the power of peer to peer learning and detailed instruction from qualified FSA staff. 

Skills Covered

  • Functional Fitness
  • Defensive and Offensive Footwork
  • Shooting Mechanics and Ball Handling
  • Finishing Moves


  • Private Training sessions are 1 on 1 (60 minutes)
  • Small Group Training sessions 2-6 players ( 60 minutes)
  • Sessions include individual player development warm up, stabilization and skill development videos.


Private Training

  • $85 1 hour
  • $245 3 hours
  • $480 6 hours

Small Group Training 

  • $40 1 hour
  • $210 6 hours
  • $410 12 hours
  • $800 12 hours

Little Shooters

The Little Shooters Clinics are beginner level concepts for boys and girls in grades K-3 that encourage them to learn cooperative play along with basic basketball.  The drills will be age and skill level appropriate.   FSA coaches are also guided by our 5 core values when teaching basketball concepts (RelationshipsDisciplineDedicationCommunication and Integrity). This will help them graduate into more advanced FSA basketball training programs.

FSA coaches are educators who have years of experience teaching kids in and out of the classroom.

Team Training

FSA assists basketball teams and organizations as a whole in the discovery of methods proven to elevate both individual and team performance which gives your coaches the tools they need to enhance the participant experience.

  • 90 Minutes
  • 8-12 Players Per Session
  • Team Building
  • Functional Fitness
  • Individual Skill Development
  • Practice Planning
  • Coach Development Packet


  • $175 per session
  • Contact us to schedule and purchase


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