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Nutrition and Hydration

By Clarence Fields, 12/12/22, 9:45AM CST


Basketball is a high-intensity sport requiring a high level of skill, power, speed, agility, and endurance. Due to the high-intensity nature of the sport and the substantial energy demands of the game coaches should encourage and help athletes fuel and hydrate appropriately to support their performance. 

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As the demand for specialized sports development intensifies, parents and athletes continually seek alternative options to foster individual growth beyond their community association programs. The Minnesota Made Choice Hockey Program is one prominent choice that has successfully run in parallel with its association sport for more than 30 thirty years.  This article will compare the FSA Winter Basketball Academy and Minnesota Made program, highlighting their unique features and benefits for aspiring young athletes and families to ensure they spend their time wisely.

Program Overviews:

1. Fundamentally Sound Athletics Winter Basketball Academy:

   - Founded on developing fundamental basketball skills and fostering personal growth.

   - Emphasizes a comprehensive approach to athletic development, focusing on individual player improvement.

   - Utilizes experienced coaches to provide specialized instruction to enhance players' basketball IQ, shooting, ball handling, and defensive skills.

   - Offers a structured curriculum accommodating players of all skill levels and providing a challenging and supportive environment.

   - Provides opportunities for competitive play through leagues, tournaments, and showcases.

2. Minnesota Maids Choice Hockey Program:

   - A renowned winter hockey program that offers advanced individual development beyond community associations.

   - Focuses on refining players' technical skills such as skating, puck handling, shooting, and tactical decision-making.

   - Led by dedicated coaches with experience at higher levels of play and expertise in player development.

   - Provides access to high-quality training facilities and equipment to enhance player performance.

   - Offers competitive opportunities with participation in leagues, tournaments, and showcases to showcase individual growth.


1. Development Approach:

   - Both programs prioritize individual development beyond community association programs.

   - Fundamentally Sound Athletics emphasizes fundamental basketball skills and personal growth, while the Minnesota Made Choice Hockey Program focuses on technical proficiency and tactical decision-making in hockey.

2. Coaching Expertise:

   - Fundamentally Sound Athletics employs experienced basketball coaches specializing in player development and improving basketball IQ.

   - The Minnesota Made Choice Hockey Program benefits from coaches with expertise in higher levels of play, enhancing players' skills in various aspects of the game.

3. Skill Areas:

   - Fundamentally, Sound Athletics focuses on basketball-specific skills such as shooting, ball handling, and defense.

   - The Minnesota Made Choice Hockey Program hones technical skills like skating, puck handling, shooting, and tactical decision-making.

4. Competitive Opportunities:

   - Both programs provide participants with opportunities for competitive play through league games, tournaments, and showcases.

   - Fundamentally Sound Athletics offers basketball-specific leagues and tournaments, while the Minnesota Made Choice Hockey Program focuses on competitive opportunities within the hockey realm.


The Fundamentally Sound Athletics Winter Basketball Academy and the Minnesota Made Choice Hockey Program provide valuable options for young athletes seeking enhanced individual development outside their community association programs. While the former specializes in basketball skill development and personal growth, the latter focuses on refining technical hockey skills and tactical decision-making. Parents and athletes can weigh their preferences and choose the program that aligns with their requirements and aspirations. Ultimately, both programs aim to nurture young athletes and support their journeys toward success in their respective sports.

For 30 thirty years, the Minnesota Made program has successfully supported young athletes participating in their community hockey program by enhancing their skill sets.  FSA is excited to provide Minnesota youth basketball families an option to help community basketball's growth and overall quality. 

For more information about FSA Basketball Academy or to register, please visit our academy page:

For more information about the Minnesota Made Choice Program and how it works in conjunction with the State of Hockey, please visit: 



For more information about FSA Basketball Academy or to register, please visit our academy page:


Minnesota, Jul 26, 2023 - FSA Basketball Academy is taking a fresh approach to redefining the youth basketball landscape in a revolutionary move that allows families to break free from the stagnant and cyclical traveling basketball model. Recognizing the limitations and mediocrity found in traditional models, FSA is committed to providing an inclusive and experiential learning environment for players, coaches, and families alike.

One of the primary pain points identified by FSA is the tryout process, which often puts players at a disadvantage due to a lack of experienced evaluators and pre-tryout drills that discourage decision-making and risk-taking on the court. FSA aims to change this by providing authentic engagement and accessibility for all players. By fostering positive social interactions and providing experiential learning opportunities, FSA ensures that every player has an equal chance to develop their skills and reach their potential.

At the heart of FSA's player development philosophy is a 360-degree approach beyond hyper-focusing on games and winning at all costs. While fun and winning certainly have their place, FSA believes that actual development comes from comprehensive skill-building, character development, and fostering a love for the game. By offering diverse resources and eliminating barriers, FSA aims to bridge the talent gap and create an environment where all players can thrive.

Pros and Cons: FSA Basketball Academy vs. Current Winter Structure

"FSA Basketball Academy is on a mission to redefine youth basketball," said the FSA Staff. "We are committed to providing a positive and enriching basketball experience beyond the traditional model. By focusing on player development, accessibility, and fostering a passion for the game, we believe we can make a lasting impact on the lives of young athletes and the community as a whole." 

The FSA Basketball Academy is excited to invite players, coaches, and families to join their innovative approach to youth basketball. Through its comprehensive programs and dedication to positive growth, FSA aims to create a basketball community that values development, inclusivity, and the love of the game.

For more information about FSA Basketball Academy or to register, please visit our academy page:

About FSA Basketball Academy:

FSA Basketball Academy is a leading provider of youth basketball development programs focusing on skill-building, accessibility, and fostering a love for the game. Based in Minnesota, FSA aims to redefine the traditional youth basketball model and create a positive and enriching experience for all players. With a commitment to inclusivity and comprehensive player development, FSA is dedicated to bridging the talent gap and inspiring the next generation of athletes.



By Clarence Fields 06/12/2023, 11:45pm CDT

Finally, a winter basketball option for athletes to develop their game with no limitations!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new basketball academy - Fundamentally Sound Athletics! Our academy focuses on providing a comprehensive basketball training program that will empower your child to become a skilled player while also building their confidence and teamwork skills.  The academy will run from September through June and will be available to ALL athletes! No community restrictions apply...

Our experienced coaches have designed a curriculum covering all game aspects, including athletic development, strength training, shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense, and more. With an emphasis on fundamentals, we ensure your child will develop strong foundational skills to help them excel in all basketball areas.

At Fundamentally Sound Athletics, we prioritize each child's development, and our small class sizes ensure that each student will receive the personalized attention they need to improve. We offer a variety of programs to serve children of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

Give your child the gift of basketball and sign them up for Fundamentally Sound Athletics! They'll gain essential skills that benefit them on and off the court while enjoying a supportive and fun learning environment.


The Fundamentally Sound Athletics Team